Weather Information - All-sky Camera

All-sky Camera

The all-sky camera is mounted to the west corner of the roof of the building B. The camera housing is heated to prevent the precipitative water wapor. KTC 350 BH (CCIR) video camera acquires the images. A Fujinon fish-eye lens with auto iris F/1.4 is mounted to the camera. The angle filed of view is about 180°. The video signal captured by the camera are converted to digital images by an Axis M7001 video server.

The 768x576 pixel resolution digital images are stacked continuously by computer tesla. About 200 images are averaged during the night between dusk and dawn, when the Sun's altidue is below -6°. During the day time no averaging is required. Four different type of images are generated: raw image without any correction, Daylight type; dark corrected image, Night type; gamma corrected image with &gamma=0.8, Daylight (gamma) type; and dark and gamma corrected with &gamma=1.4, Night (gamma) type. The images averaged (during night) are archived to an avi files automatically, the archivation is initiated at every noon.

Available All-sky Images

Subpages can be accessed directly from the Weather Informatins/All-Sky menu! Or select a link from the list below.
  • Sky Image - Latest image exposed by all-sky camera at Obsevatory Station, Szombathely.
  • Sky Quality - Plot of sky quality during the current night at Obsevatory Station, Szombathely.
  • Sky Quality Statistic - Daily, weekly, and monthly sky quality statistics at Obsevatory Station, Szombathely.
  • Sky Archive - Daily video archive of all-sky camera at Obsevatory Station, Szombathely.