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Civil: Sky Quality at Current Day
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Sky quality - The quality of sky (taking into account the cloud coverage, air transparency and Moon light) shown in the left corner (yellow text) of the current image. The sky quality is calculated by the visibility of bright stars, and its estimation starts at civil dust (when the Sun goes below azimuthal angle of -6°) and ends at civil dawn (when the Sun goes above azimuthal angle of -6°). The sky quality estimation uses the photometric pipeline fitsh. SKY_QUALITY=0.00 means 100% cloud coverage, while SKY_QUALITY=1.00 means clear sky. (Special thanks to A. Pál for this tool!)

Plot Notations - The current time of civil, navigational and astronomical dusk and dawn at Obseravtory Station, Szombathely. are marked with light gray, gray and dark gray boxes, respectively.