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Plot Notations - The current time of civil, navigational and astronomical dusk and dawn at Observatory Station, Szombathely. are marked with light gray, gray and dark gray boxes, respectively.

Data pooling - Weather data are pooled from the weather station with the cadence of 5min. Data is archived by minutely bases and shown smoothed by 15min moving average. This page shows the curent value of weather data. To see the daily variation of a given weather data, press the appropriate Plot button.

Temperature, Absolute Pressure, Relative Humidity - Current air temperature (°C), pressure (hPa, note that the measured value is not corrected to sea level), and relative humidity (%) are polled from the weaather sensor at every minute.

Dew point - Dew point (°C) is calculated from the air temeperature and relative humidity at every minute.

Absolute Humidity - Absolute humidity (the density of water vapor (g/m^3) are calculated from the dew point and air temperature at every minute.

Wind speed and direction - Current wind speed (km/h) and wid direction are averaged every 5 minute. The approximate direction of the wind is shown between parenthesis.

Precipitate (24h) - Total precipitate (mm) is an integrated value which represents the total precipitate during the last 24h.